Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yesterday -- All my Troubles...

Ricky's classmate in Nara welcomed us into their home for some Nabe (Japanese hot-pot). Delicious -- in particular the gloopy rice cake dumped right into the pot creating smells of burning. But still delicious. Afterwards, Ricky graciously volunteered my piano playing skills to which I played Bach, Beethoven, some Japanese pop, and by special request, ahem...some Beatles complete with vocal accompaniment. They were so impressed, they only wished they had advance notice so that they could invite their children back home, and all their friends in Nara to come over to listen! How very generous of them to say so! When I think back to Japan, all my troubles seemed so far away!


Anonymous emmy/kobboon said...

the food looks good, James. thx for sharing the blog. hope u'll post info & pix from all your future trips here, not just the trip to Japan. looking forward to more entries! ^__^

5:05 PM  

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