Sunday, October 29, 2006

I don't drink Coffee

I didn't drink coffee or like it...that is until I went to a Starbucks Tokyo in Aoyama with a friend a had an iced cafe mocha, or something like that. I don't remember. For about $3.50, it was high-priced, but absolutely DELICIOUS! I thought -- why am I holding out on this wonderful drink? I should drink it more often! So back in Toronto, when a new Starbucks at work was opening up, there was a free 'friends and family' party I went to check it out. Free coffee. Anything you want. After a few dozen questions to help understand what I must have ordered in Tokyo, I narrowed down my choice. The result? A strong, bitter, not sweet espresso that didn't resemble at all what I had in Tokyo.

Hmm...I'm now at a standstill. I don't think I'll be drinking that same thing drink again. Back to Tokyo to figure out what I am missing.


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Senseo Coffee? What is it? Sounds pretty slick.


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