Saturday, January 02, 2010

Walking with a Ship Expert

I had a great time at the AGO (Dundas & McCaul) last Wednesday when it was free from 6PM to 8PM.  It was busy, but not crazy.  I recommend it.  What was cool this time around seeing the model ship display in the basement with a naval architect (TB) with a passion for ships.  I don't think I could have asked for a more knowledgeable guide as we scanned 40 or so model ships with details and background that turn the viewing into something much more than wallpaper while waiting for a friend use the basement lavatory.  It was interesting.  What I observed was the military and strategic aspect of a large number of the ships on display and why they were built (e.g. small ships to destroy large ships; and medium ships to destroy the small ships out to destroy the large ships). Some other interesting tidbits, how dredging water by ship was done, where the silt/sand would be transported; how ship design was affected by cargo taxes (taxes at one time were partly based on surface area of main deck; hence some ships' decks were constructed smaller for a period), and where it would be used (a Nigerian river boat for passenger traffic had guns on the upper deck for defence).

LOTS of cool things. I think now with this primer, I can see a ship, talk about it's function, time of use, material usage, possibly country of construction, and perhaps a decade or century of use and link it in with some history. I understand they just don't make model ships like this anymore.  So this was definitely a unique collection.

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