Saturday, December 12, 2009

What does Cold Mean?


Is it the scowl from the occasional subway patron standing in the subway car as I rush through closing doors as the chimes are ringing with the attitude 'why even bother' I want to kick in the face?

Or the woman giving me the 'screw off' attitude because my car is behind her parked car waiting for a parking spot at the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall on Black Friday two weeks back?

Maybe it's the look of the odd person as I see them rush by looking at the poor guy as if he were invisibly sitting at the College Park entrance to the TTC by the Cinnabon asking for some financial help.

It probably was this up until 2 quick days ago.  Now, the world of cold has changed:  cold is going out for Korean BBQ Night Owl Special at Yonge & Bloor, arriving just as it closes, then charging out into the open -9C air to find the next one.  Only with wind chill, it must have been colder.  I shared my hostility of the cold with the wind as I bundled in long johns, layers, hat, gloves, and ran.  Faster.   ARGGHHH!  Run.  Surface of the face now feels icy.  Turn away from the wind.  Breathe while the air is still breathable as when I face the cold wind it's too cold to even breathe it in.

Then, barely 2 minutes into the walk towards the Yonge & College Korean BBQ (yes, we were on a mission to get some BBQ meat), we spot Popeye's.  "Why don't we..?"  The clear answer was yes.  We charge across the street.  Through the blustery doors.  Out of the cold.  And get some rather hot, oily, delicious, over-priced chicken into the system.

And as the grease solidifies and the cold water moistens the dry passageways, we prepare to leave.  One, two...prepare...breathe...then with a quick goodbye to one friend, we charge into the cold air with a 60 second dash to the nearest subway station.


Now warm.

Be warm.

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