Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Am I Hurrying my Dinner?

Dressed warmly on a cool night, after wolfing down a rather delicious sanuki noodle stir-fry with scrambled eggs, sauteed red onions, green onions, bean sprouts with the right amount of chicken essence, soy sauce and lime, I made my way down to Theatre Passe Muraille on a full and joyous stomache to catch some shows at Toronto Sketch Fest.

Sitting in prime seats, and 6 troupes later (with the ocassional head nod especially when the lights go out), one troupe stood out and gets my unabashed reco:  Uncalled For from Montreal.  Better than reading an awesome book, the story jumps off the page onto the stage and into the audience zig-zagging through time, space, science, and connections as the actors embrace a multitude of characters into a linked journey through seemingly unrelated scenes and characters tying together into a complex and satisfying romp that ends with a figurative boom.  The weird beginning (man looking and treating the audience as 'babies') has a really different and all-knowing feel when its reincorporated back.

In retrospect, the show was more entertaining than funny, and despite that or perhaps because of that, I though it was GREAT.  I highly recommend this.  They won last year's Second City Best of the Fest award and support it if was anything like this year's show then perhaps it was very well deserved (didn't see the other groups, so can't objectively say).

If you missed it, and you have time Friday night (Nov 13), I say go check 'em out.  Nov 13th @10:30pm at The Second City (51 Mercer Street, Toronto).

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