Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winning Easter Egg Design Team

Is it possible that a little bit of Improv, creativity and teamwork could win my Oral Care Team a lunchtime celebration?

The answer is a resounding yes.  After decorating a large Easter egg with pipe cleaners as hands and feet against soe product as its body; and gluing on appropriate face parts out of feathers, mascara and other goodies, we knew we had a beautiful Easter Egg.  The only question now was how to sell the panel of judges?

That's where AG & I crafted a little skit. "Hey Oral Care Easter Egg, why are you so glum?" I asked.  AG played the voice of the Egg hiding behind an advertising board for an upcoming product launch.  With a little more banter, good-natured teasing, and buckets of laughter from the room, we ended wth an Easter Egg demo of Crest Whitestrips with hilarious results.

The verdict?  10 tense minutes later, Oral Care was proudly awarded the winner with a team lunch as a prize (I'm thinking the Keg would be nice) for great theatrics and smart concept.  A nice pick-up from a busy and challeging day in the office.  And potentially good prep for my rehearsal with Asiansploitation as we get ready for our Fringe Festival performance in early July.

The learning?  Laughter in the office is a good thing.

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