Sunday, April 04, 2010

UTSAV: Indian Food Anyone?

This post on a sunny, warm Toronto Sunday has absolutely nothing to do with my high school (University of Toronto Schools) audio visual department, and everything to do with a gem of an Indo-Resto find on Yorkville.  If you like Indian food, then UTSAV is a MUST try.  Good value for the quality of food.   I HIGHLY recommend this place.
UTSAV is tucked away at 69 Yorkville just west of Bay in a quaint, sub-terrain hideaway.  But it's not the clean, inviting atmosphere where artwork graces warm, yellow walls that stands out, it's the food.  This place edges out the fine Indian restaurants I've tried and really like from Nataraj, to Cuisine of India, The Host, or that place at Albion & Finch I used to go to when I worked at the Weston plant.  Yes:  UTSAV meekly pokes its head a little bit over some strong contenders.

UTSAV is deliciously subtle.  My two favourite dishes:  the awesome eggplant dish (I couldn't tell it was eggplant -- smooth, well-spiced, and satisfying), and the Shrimp Dhingri with mushroom & tomato sauce:  flavourful mushrooms and giant, fresh shrimp smothered in a great sauce.  We had two chicken dishes, Chicken Masala, and Chicken Vindaloo.  Both delicious but somewhat similiar.  Note to self:  order one chicken dish in a sauce next time.  The Sag paneer (home-made cheese in spinach mixture) was really nice.  Fresh naan (we got regular and garlic), and good rice made it a home run.

I do have some advice about ordering form this place: portions are ever slightly more generous than other places I've been, so for groups of 4 or more, I would order one dish less than the number of people.  For 3, you might want to get 2 dishes and an appetizer.  I would probaly also recommend coming here with 4 or more people to sample a variety of foods as they complement each other so well.

Cost for food:  $20 per person, though $18 or $17 would have worked if we had ordered a bit more optimally.  I could also make $15 per person work if needed.

So, check this place out if you're feeling it.  I certainly hope to do so again.  Drop me a line if you're interested and I'll join you!

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